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Monoi tiki Tahiti perfumed with coconut

Monoi tiki Tahiti perfumed with coconut

Monoi Tiki Tahiti
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Monoi tiki Tahiti perfumed with coconut
9.99 €
Monoi Tiki Tahiti perfumed with coconut from Tahiti.

120ml of happiness …

The different use of the monoi Tiki Tahiti :

-When applied on dry or damaged hair, apply the monoi and keep for 30 minutes, rinse well after application to eliminate all trace of oil. Hair increases in vitality and shine.
-When applied on skin, it hydrates the surface layers of the skin permanently and immediately.
-When applied on wet skin after the bath, the skin stay hydrated and silky. Just a few drop  are enough to soften bath water. By massaging, it releases muscle tension.

Due to its exclusive composition of coconut oil get frozen with a lower temperature at 20°C, without any alteration of its qualities. To give it back its liquid state, a soft warming is enough.